How to Play Poker Like a Pro


In poker, the goal is to win a hand. There are various strategies that you can employ to win a hand. These include the All-in, Blind bets, Pre-flop betting phase, and Royal flush. If you’ve played poker for some time, you’ll be familiar with many of these techniques.

All-in poker

Playing all-in poker is an aggressive move that should be played carefully. You should consider your opponents’ stack size. The deeper their stack, the more likely they are to bluff.

Blind bets

Blind bets are mandatory bets that a player makes in poker before the dealer deals the hand. There are two types of blind bets, the small blind and the big blind. Each blind differs in size and determines how much the player will bet in the game on subsequent streets. Blinds have strategic significance, and players who place their blinds last are rewarded with an increased chance of winning.

Pre-flop betting phase

The pre-flop betting phase is an essential part of the game of poker. It’s the time when players make their first bets and raise the blinds. Then, the flop is revealed and the best hand wins the pot. However, some variants of poker only allow the highest five-card hand to win the pot.

Royal flush

A Royal Flush is a hand in which you hold all five cards in the same suit. It is almost impossible to complete a royal flush with the common cards. However, there are ways to make it happen. You can choose to slowplay the hand or bet big to attract a call from another player.

Straight flush

A straight flush is a hand in poker in which all the cards in a sequence are the same suit. For example, a six, seven, eight, nine and ten are a straight flush. This hand is considered the highest in poker when no wild cards are involved. A straight flush of five of the same suit, however, is not a royal flush. An ordinary straight, however, consists of five cards in a row of the same suit, such as five aces.

Five of a kind

When you play poker, five of a kind is the best possible hand. It consists of four cards of the same rank plus a wild card. This hand is more valuable than a royal flush, but the higher card wins. The highest five of a kind is five aces.